• June 19, 2021

 What to Know About Kevin Seawright and His Current Venture

Kevin Seawright is a financial manager, entrepreneur and the Vice President of RPS Solution LLC. Mr. Seawright started the company in 2015, intending to improve the community by providing affordable options for first-time homebuyers. For tertiary education, he earned his master’s from the Almeda University and went to Mendoza college of business.

After graduating, Kelvin Seawright focused on getting funds that would play a role in improving the community. Because of his resilience in participating in the initiatives, he managed to get leadership positions for the local government and non-profit organizations. His role in the institutions was to take charge of all the property dealings. It led to him starting his own company, RPS Solutions LLC.

To become successful in the industry, the company works with experienced and highly skilled employees that work hard to satisfy the needs of individuals that what to own a home for the first time. For the company to attain a sense of financial security, it aims at educating them about real estate and how to invest in the field.

One of RPS Solutions LLC’s accomplishments is the construction of homes in Belvedere Square; currently, all the homes are occupied. The company aimed to provide first-time homebuyers with a beautiful home to stay with their loved ones. Kevin Seawright is moved to give back to the community as this enables it to grow ensuring every individual feels a sense of belonging.

Kevin Seawright gives his insights into what a first-time home buyer should do to purchase the right property. He advises any interested individual to improve on their credit score. It gives them a better chance of getting a mortgage loan that will allow them to buy a home. Working on clearing any debts they have is hence a necessity. Kevin Seawright advocates investing in a good home warranty package to save on any unexpected expenses. The package will deal with catering for any repairing costs that the house might need. To get the right provider for the package, Mr. Seawright states that it is important to research.

Working with a real estate agent is also what Kevin Seawright wants first-time buyers to focus on. It will ease the whole home buying process and ensure that one gets the property they desire. However, for this to happen, getting the right real estate agent is significant. Checking the feedback that several agents have is hence critical. Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kevin-seawrights-rps-solutions-llc-secures-first-housing-contract-through-partnership-with-the-national-community-stabilization-trust-300639840.html