• December 10, 2021

 Vijay’s Perspective on Business

Vijay Eswaran is a benefactor, a businessman, and an accomplished speaker and enabler. The developer commits to initiatives aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Objectives of academic training, equitable civic involvement, and equality of the sexes.

Vijay Eswaran launched Quest University located in Malaysia as part of his life’s goal to mentor the next generation of leaders. He is a strong believer in the capacity of youth to shape a better society for the future.

By ensuring that the organization follows sustainability initiatives, Vijay Eswaran has a positive contribution to the society in which the QI Organizations operate. To combat climate change, he has a no animal meat and no plastic program, expressing his commitment for real worth leadership.

Vijay is well-known for penning leadership principles. He believes that leadership must be earned and that no one can be installed as a leader. Vijay highlights the importance of encouraging others to accomplish something they never believed they could do. He also argues that a leader is born with four natural qualities:

  • Leaders take ownership
  • Leaders empower
  • Leaders are purpose-driven
  • Leaders care

Vijay is also a strong supporter of gender equality. He demonstrates that males appear to be doing relatively little to close the gender disparity and that campaigning is mostly led by women. According to Vijay, very little improvement will be done as long as men do not recognize that closing the gender gap is also their job.

Vijay has experienced stress and burnout as a businessman who founded a firm at the height of the Asian economic crisis. He claims that all it takes is one hour a day of constant practice in what he calls the Sphere of Silence. The sphere of quiet entails spending an hour a day in stillness to help one conquer the rest of the 23 hours of each day.

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