• July 23, 2021

Joseph Ashford, The Marvel Of Investment And Entrepreneurship

Joseph Ashford Ellis has been described by many as extremely hardworking. The founder and Non-executive chairman of K4 Global is a highly sought marketing speaker, successful entrepreneur, and passionate philanthropist. Ashford is also a dedicated family man who says that all his dedication to succeed has been for his family and children.

Ashford started K4 Global in 2014 as media consulting firm. The company has since grown to become one of the most sought-after consulting firms serving individuals and businesses in the music, film, and other industries. Joseph Ashford’s success with his company is attributed to his vast experience gained over more than 20 years of professional career, investment, and involvement with different enterprises in different capacities.

Although currently based in London, Joseph Ashford Ellis has been served in different companies as CEO in other regions such as South America, Asia, and Europe before finally settling in London. He is known for nurturing and providing strategic solutions to existing and upcoming small and medium enterprises to spur their growth. Joseph Ashford Ellis also provides initial seeding for many ongoing and start-up ventures in various sectors, although his main focus is the UK’s service sector.


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As a business leader, Joseph Ashford Ellis is known for his focus on providing top-end, bespoke services and solutions to his clients. He achieves by identifying nurturing talent at his company, therefore, surrounding himself with talented professionals who can meet and exceed the expectation of the clients.

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the head of several departments at K4 Global, including PR, event management, and strategic management. Through his leadership, the company has seen several clients increase their margins and reduce risks through his bespoke and strategic solutions. As an investor, he accumulates wealth through various sectors such as real estate, exotic cars, and marketable securities. Ashford is also a community giver and is involved in several charities around the county that support different courses.