• March 8, 2022

Joseph Ashford, the Consultant Genius

Joseph Ashford Elis is the founder of K4 Global. His company offers consultation services to its clients globally, and it is based in Bournemouth, UK. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Joseph worked in several other companies where he climbed the corporate ladder, acquiring the knowledge he uses to run the K4 global.

Joseph Ashford Elis runs his marketing and public relations business that assists organizations with their online presence. As an entrepreneur, Joe knows how challenging it can be for those who want to start something new. Through his efforts, he believes he has developed a model that works well – one that helps people build something from scratch and grow while avoiding pitfalls. With his unique perspective on business development, Joe can share helpful insights on what you should do when creating your brand or building your venture.

At K4 global, the experts are always finding new ways to cut on cost and increase profits. They provide consultancy and management advice to large corporations that outsource their services. The team also designs websites, manages social media, engages in SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, develops apps, manages databases, and more. In addition, they have built websites for their clients; these include the likes of the European Commission, MSE Bank, Eurostar, British Museum, and many others. Joseph Ashford is highly regarded in the digital marketing space. It is not just because of his expertise but also his charisma and dedication to his work. When he started working with K4 company, he was already successful in his field and had plenty of experience. However, he was still passionate about learning new methods and concepts related to internet marketing. This meant he could see things from another angle than most people. As a result, his clients in Bournemouth, and other parts appreciate him greatly because of his ability to think outside the box to find creative solutions to problems.