• September 9, 2021

John Ritenour Speaks On The Growth of IOA Sports  and Risks associated

John Ritenour believed the Insurance of America did have great capacity in providing insurance to the sports industry. He took advantage of the emerging market and exploited it very well.

Although sports insurance seems not that simple to give the plans, he reiterated and looked for professionals in risk mitigation to assist.

John Ritenour believed most of the team executives do not put much consideration into evaluating the blind spots. If they don’t get well estimated, they may collapse the whole organization, thus a significant risk later.

After he launched IOA Sports Practice, insurance professionals mitigated the plans before getting released to clients. He ensured that he distributed all programs; he educated clients on the associated risks and duties. Once they got properly educated, they were much aware, and they had the freedom to either purchase the plan or not.

John Ritenour taught his son Heath Ritenour the essence of training the clients first before hurrying to issue a plan. Doing tends to reduce the high risk associated with that and can harm the client and the firm. In this, John Ritenour ensured that everyone working in IOA was a risk manager instead of a sales agent.

After educating a particular team about their plans and accepting to purchase one, the risk manager gets the best policy and customises them according to their requirements.

IOA operated very successfully for over decades, and it got supported by many teams even during the period of a pandemic like covid 19. In doing this, they ensure they continue offering risk reduction as much as possible to an exceptional value.

John Ritenour did have a passion for sports and much being a fan, and that is why his ideas revolved about sports and insurance, for insurance came in since he ever worked as a salesman in selling insurance.