• June 17, 2021

How Asot Michael is Addressing Poverty in Antigua and Barbuda

In most of the countries around the world, most of the strategies that most of the countries have been incorporating have been seen to take care of the rich in the country. There is very little that has been done by most of the countries in the world today to take care of the larger population that is seen as struggling. There seem to be some deliberate policies that have been making rich people richer. Most of the developed countries have been doing a lot to address such challenges, and it is worth indicating that they have done a lot to solve most of the issues that the poor people in their nations have been experiencing (LinkedIn). 


There is a feeling that they have been able to bridge the gap, which is an essential undertaking that will help in ensuring that even the people have a chance to become rich. However, the developing countries do not have the strategies that can help in ensuring that the lower-ranked people in the poverty index are able to move away from such challenges. Asot Michael has been at the center of such strategies because he believes that the government should always come up with some policies to favor those who are poor in the community. Antigua and Barbuda are one of the smallest countries in the world today. 


However, the country has done very little to address the economic challenges that have been facing its population. Most of the policies that have been adopted in this country have not been helping to address the issue of poverty. That is why he wants to have some essential operational changes that can generate different results within politics at Antigua & Barbuda. Asot Michael knows that having some deliberate operational strategies can help in making some major differences in the country while at the same time making sure that the people in the community live a better life. That is why he has been working towards coming up with some of the best strategies that can be essential in ensuring that poverty has been eradicated in a country that has been suffering for a lengthy period.