• April 1, 2022

Get to Know About PosiGen Solar Program

Nothing cuts your earnings like electricity bills. With the cost of electricity skyrocketing every day, it is a relief to know that there lies a cheaper alternative source- solar energy. While many firms offer solar installation and after-sales services, one stands out above the rest by its modus Operandi. PosiGen is a solar company that is on a mission to avail electricity to moderate and low-income communities through its solar leasing program. Thomas Neyhart explains that they will only install a solar panel after accessing your needs and being assured from the assessment report that you stand to save some money by having PosiGen solar panels installed at your home. Besides this arrangement, there are many other ways in which you could save money by using solar panels:


  • Through Renewable Energy Incentives

In bids to encourage the use of green energy, the government and federal authorities have placed subsidies on adopting renewable sources of energy. Some states have rebate programs to refund a percentage of your total solar project cost. Other organizations like the Connecticut Green Bank cover a fraction of homeowners’ PosiGen solar program. Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of PosiGen, and he is a driving force behind their commitment to sustainability. 


  • Net Metering

Net metering allows a solar panel user only to pay the net price of the amount of electricity consumed from the primary grid. It is economical as power from your solar panel significantly reduces the amount of electricity you draw from the primary grid, thus lowering your electricity bill, Thomas Neyhart adds. Therefore, if your solar panel can generate 30% of the electricity needed in your household, your electricity charges will drop by the same percentage. Again, there are days when you will have excess electricity generated. The extra energy is ‘sold’ to the grid when that happens. The homeowner will be given free electricity equal to what has been sold in later days when the solar panel hasn’t generated enough power.


  • Free Energy Efficient Improvements

PosiGen’s installation, maintenance, and optimization costs are included in the $60 monthly lease. They also provide free energy efficiency improvement services like sealing air leaks after conducting a PosiGen energy audit. Usually, Thomas Neyhart finally adds, sealing air leaks will cost you 5-8% of your earnings. Besides lowering your energy bills, you will have a cleaner environment, enhanced home value, increased health and comfort.