• October 15, 2021

Georgette Mulheir: Why Haiti is Not Exploiting its Tourism Potential

The island nations in the Caribbean have always been at the center of attention, especially when it comes to tourism. They are generally located in some of the most attractive geographic locations on earth that receive sunlight throughout the year. Global leader Georgette Mulheir states that besides the availability of sunlight throughout the year, it is essential to indicate that these countries are located in regions with huge water bodies.


As such, every other country in this region has been very attractive to the millions of tourists who move from the United States and other parts of the world. Most of these countries have been working hard to present their products as the best tourist destinations. That is why, Georgette Mulheir points out, they have been able to sustain their operations despite not having other forms of economic aspects in their operations. However, Haiti has never benefited from its tourism potential because it is not similar to other nations in the same region. 

For Georgette Mulheir, the Haitian country has some major political issues, which means that it has not been operating like other organizations in the same region. Very few people around the world are interested in having their holidays in Haiti because of the security problems facing the country. Georgette Mulheir understands what has been happening in Haiti and why the country has not been able to live up to its potential. He is aware that much work needs to be done to address all the significant problems as needed. Georgette Mulheir is also looking to incorporate the most appropriate strategies that will help Haiti become a tourist destination.