• June 19, 2021

 Eterneva Championing Digitalization in Funeral Homes

Eterneva is renowned as an Austin-based company that transforms cremated ashes of pets and loved ones into diamonds. The company has recently raised $3million to augment its growth and activities. Launched in 2016 by Garret Ozar and Adelle Archer, the company produces cremated diamond ashes. The company is determined to leverage the funding to develop a vast facility to fill out its production capabilities. The expanded facility will be able to devise nearly 75 diamonds a year. Some of the investors, who contributed to the company’s funding, include Founder Collective, SoGal, Springdale, Castle Island, and NextCoast. Archer leveraged her creative vision to build a company that presented meaningful ways of honoring loved ones. View more on Instagram

With conscious efforts, Eterneva has rapidly risen through the death-care industry to carve a name for itself. Besides growing to feature nearly 17 employees, the cremation-diamond company received $1.2 million series A funding which played a pivotal role in building its team. The company also branched out to South Austin, a 4000 square-foot office encompassing an in-house huge diamond lab. The company’s transforming cremated ashes into diamonds takes about 7-10 months, with the company forwarding monthly updates through videos and pictures. The company’s expansion aims to augment customer experience and enable them to be considerably participatory in the transition process.

Archer believes that technology will play a significant role in redefining grief wellness capabilities. COVID-19 pandemic has transitioned almost various aspects in industries. Equally, it has transformed the way individuals deliberate about death. The novel COVID-19 has seen Eterneva offer free services to a wide range of crematoriums and funeral homes. Furthermore, the company has played a crucial role in digitalizing crematorium and funeral home arrangement material within a limited duration. Also, the company has ventured forth to merge with extensive funeral homes, including Phaneuf Funeral Home & Crematorium and Schoedinger Funeral Home and Cremation Services.

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