• September 30, 2021

Dick And Betsy DeVos Uncover Millions In Charitable Contributions

Dick and Betsy DeVos have critics, and many argue that charter schools take advantage of the tax dollars that are allocated for public education. “There are so many great educators and administrators out there who are doing wonderful work,” DeVos said.


The report doesn’t reveal how many of the couple’s charity recipients are children.

Many schools, including Grand Rapids’ Ferris State University and the Detroit Charter School Company, received major donations in 2013. The couples’ foundation doesn’t release a complete breakdown of its donations, despite requests from critics.

Critics say the DeVoses use their political and charitable donations to promote their ideological agenda.


Mark Brewer, who served as the Democratic Party’s chair in Michigan, said the release of these types of donations is a smokescreen to divert the public’s attention away from the political contributions that were made. John Truscott, a representative for the couple, said the report reflects their family’s transparency efforts.


The foundation’s donations go to support various non-profit organizations. One example is the Great Lakes Education Foundation, which was started by Betsy and Dick DeVos. Betsy said Monday that many of the groups that raised money for her failed to advocate for voucher programs or advance a political agenda.


Betsy DeVos Meets With Pitbull


On Wednesday, Betsy visited the Excel Academy, which is a school for girls in Washington. According to her statement, the school met the needs of its students and community.


During her visit, which is expected to last two days, she will see several schools in Miami-Dade County that offer a variety of educational options. While at a school in Miami, she met with rapper Armando Christian Perez, who is known for using the stage name “Pitbull.”


This is the third time that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has visited schools in Florida. She has been a supporter of former governor Jeb Bush’s plan to expand charter schools and other school choice programs.