• August 12, 2021

Desiree Perez improvements in Roc Nation School

Desiree Perez is currently the CEO of Roc Nation School, where he has a visual approach to social justice, education, and opportunity. In Roc Nation School, he has introduced new courses in sports, Entertainment, and Music. Desiree Perez has been at the forefront of offering courses that do not meet the traditional social structures. Driven force, she saw it as the core, but he keeps ensuring the students get them. The course is very vital in society and helps the upcoming youths. The school got incorporated in August 2020, focusing on courses with the intersection of music, sports, and entrepreneurship management.

Roc Nation School of Sports, Entertainment, and Music coursework have lectures that bring industry leaders and internships to students to gain experience. Being new in the market, the school has offered a 25 percent scholarship to all incoming freshman classes. The school concentrates on giving the undeserving students knowledge, unique insight, and better experience that will help them enter the world with unmatched talents. Desiree Perez has also emphasized that they will be starting a summer camp specifically for sports and music for children aged 10-18 years.

By doing this, they will be investing in their future and creating a pipeline for their future in the talent industry in New York. Desiree Perez, throughout her career, has approached education in his line of trailblazing work. First, stated being a club promoter, and later they connected with Jay-Z in their professional career. It through her efforts has reached to appoint being the most influential woman in the entertainment industry. She has served in the Roc Nation School as the Chief Operating Officer for 12 years before being promoted to CEO in 2019, whereby she has achieved a lot. She has expanded the company to offer more ventures like tour management, live music, and artist representation.