• November 26, 2021

Simon Denyer Contrasts Political and Economic Trends in China and India

Simon Denyer has been writing about India and China for a lengthy period. Being the leading Washington Post reporter in these countries, it is essential to indicate that he has had a role to play in informing the world about how the two nations have been building their policies and implementing them in their growth. Getting an opportunity to cover India and China under Washington Post is a worth experience.

However, the whole experience has changed how Simon Denyer has been writing about countries. There is no doubt that there has been so much to write. However, what has been really fascinating is the contrast that the two countries have been demonstrating in their industrial, political, and social aspects. There have been some major areas that Simon has already noted that have created a wedge between the two nations to a point whereby they are on a different trajectory.

According to Simon Denyer, China is a country that is determined to ensure that it has some global influence. This is a strategy that has been working for more than fifty years. Specifically, the country has been looking for some of the opportunities that it can easily exploit in developing countries. Already, a huge share of developing countries in the world owes their allegiance to China as it has been a significant player in their growth.

Besides working on getting some global influence and recognition, it is essential to highlight that China is also trying to challenge the status quo. Simon Denyer indicates that the United States feels threatened by the aggressiveness that China is already using to destabilize the influence that it has enjoyed for the last one hundred years. However, India seems to be engulfed by domestic challenges, most of which revolve around drastic growth in population and an unstable political climate that is affecting the country’s economic prosperity.

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