• December 7, 2021

President and Chief Commercial Officer, Tim Murawski

Located in the Great Lakes area of Chicago, Illinois, Tim Murawski has served as the president and chief commercial officer of the biotech medical sales company, Augmedics, since 2019. With a vast amount of experience in the field of robotics used in medical devices, Tim Murawski´s leadership at Augmedics medical research firm is related to surgery of the spine through their latest cut edge technology XVision Spine System.


At Mazor Robotics in Israel, Tim Murawski served in various roles such as regional sales director, accounts manager, and then Vice President of global sales for 10 years. In 2008, his position as National Account Director and Vice President for The Hansen Medical Company furthered his knowledge of robotics used in the medical field. Tim Murawski has also served as sales manager for Baxter International, a medical device company that manufactured intravenous products.


As a graduate of Western Illinois University in Chicago, Tim Murawski’s experience in the sales of biotech medical devices and robotics use in the medical field, began soon after graduation. His employment in the research and development department for a chemical facility enabled him to gain experience in the sales of medical devices. Over the years, Tim Murawski´s knowledge of biomedical sales has grown, leading to his position as President and Chief of Commercial Sales at Augmedics.

More on Tim Murawski´s professional career at Augmedics research firm https://www.bizjournals.com/chicago/news/2020/06/15/chicagoland-medical-device-company-raises.html