• March 28, 2022

Philip Belamant,CEO of Zilch Fintech Company

Chief executive Philip Belamant has recently surpassed two million users in his company Zilch Fintech Company. Many customers are directing their resources to the company due to its effort to serve them with free credit services. Ever since his company began, based in London, it has set a record for growth and is estimated to be worth two billion USD. It was titled as one of the fastest-growing European unicorn, and it has reached the milestone in record time for any fintech company.

Philip Belamant’s automated goal was to create the most ubiquitous payment method completely different from traditional finance. After the fast-growing rate of Zilch Fintech Company, many people were fascinated and wondered what Philip Belamant is doing differently from other fintech companies and why many customers were responding to Zilch’s approach. Philip Belamant responded to the question and said that there is no shortcut to investment but to work differently from what others are doing. He shed a different category and understanding that brought a different perspective to his customers, which is why Zilch fintech is leading the revolution in personal finance.

One service that Zilch fintech provides that makes it unique is that it offers more than just buy now pay later benefits. Zilch’s unique services that are different from traditional finance are that it provides the buy now pay later services and partners with the thousands of stores to offer pay in 4 plans at zero percent APR. It also offers to extend beyond online shopping and that of buy now pay later installment method of payment.

With all the unique tactics and extended offerings that Philip Belamant offers to his customers, his company becomes different from other fintech companies and differentiates his product from the crowded market. Its commitment to flexibility and value products has led to a different model of business that enables its customers to connect with the customers making it unique.