• March 8, 2022

Legal Case Wins by Dean Omar of Dallas

Charles Branham of Dean Omar Branham LLP, alongside Jessica M. Dean and Jonathan M. Holder, represented the late Thomas Harold Glenn in a case against Fisher Control. His service to Duke, a company directly linked with Fisher, led to his demise. The case, whose verdict was given on January 24th, saw the jury award $5.1m to the family and the estate of Thomas Glenn. According to the ruling, Fisher Controls was liable for Glenn`s death since it stationed him at workplaces where he was in direct proximity with asbestos. Thomas Glenn worked at Duke Energy as a pipe fitter for 27 years, exposed to harmful asbestos.

 Dean Omar Branham Shirley, a law company located in Dallas, Texas works to fight for the rights of the underprivileged in society, was directly involved in Glenn`s triumph. According to the companies Fisher and Crosby, Thomas Glenn was fully aware of the harm asbestos can cause. In addition, Duke, the employer to Glenn, had the responsibility to their employees` safety. However, Duke, the power firm, noted that it warned its employees regularly on the dangers of asbestos.

In the papers submitted by Dean Omar, Glenn was directly in contact with persons handling asbestos gaskets bestowed by Fisher Controls Limited. In their judgment in favor of Dean Omar, the jury found Fisher aware of the damages caused and that its actions were punitive and reckless. The jury also cleared Crosby Valves and Carboline Co of the responsibility.