• December 17, 2021

Joseph Ashford Ellis: Empathy in Business Practices

K4 Global was founded in 2014 by Joseph Ashford Ellis. The company is located in London and offers marketing and business solutions to small and mid-size businesses in Bournemouth and the southern coast of England. Ellis started K4 Global after a career as a corporate executive at multiple firms and industries. He became an expert in marketing and is now considered one of the top marketing gurus of Bournemouth.

The road was not easy for Joseph Ashford Ellis. He had a difficult childhood and has endured the loss of his mother, father, and sister. His life experiences brought about the empathy that guides him. The success of K4 Global is due to how Joseph Ellis cares about and empowers his employees.

He hires experts and trusts them. They are coached and motivated to work and make decisions as if they owned the company. Ellis is crystal clear with his communications and ensures that employees receive continuous feedback. They are advised on areas for improvement and recognized for their success.

Teamwork is essential to the company culture. Ellis’s personal touch and his business expertise have been instrumental in the growth and success of K4 Global. The company is a marketing leader specializing in scalable solutions. In addition to marketing, it provides Strategic Planning, Event and Crisis Management, VIP Protection, and Security.

Ellis also emphasizes Social Responsibility in keeping with his commitment to others. He took a hard look at K4 Global and inspired the company to find ways to conserve resources and minimize waste. He plans to broaden K4 Global services to advise clients on corporate responsibility.

Joseph Ashford Ellis extends his caring outside of the corporate world with philanthropy. He founded The Butterfly Foundation, devoted to research, education, and patient support for the debilitating childhood disease Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Refer to this page for additional information.