• February 11, 2022

IM Academy: A Reputable Forex Trading Platform

Issa De La Torre and Christopher Terry established IM Academy and spearheaded its tremendous success. The firm became operational in 2013, and since then, it has managed to heighten to greater levels. Since being established, the firm’s trajectory has been consistently growing, and its number of subscribers have risen to an average of 200000.

When establishing the firm, the co-owners had a vision and mission to provide a platform from which people will learn about forex, equip them with the skills and expertise needed to navigate effectively in trading, and become enthusiasts in this field. Besides offering skills, IM Academy also provides references and learning materials to make learning easier.

Academies were learning products offered by the company. Every academy has its primary area of focus. After subscribing to the academies’ programs, you are free to access any information or tutorial videos. Learners can either access the learning materials and video tutorials through pre-app data or pre-recorded ways. The lessons equip learners with skills and methodologies important in forex trading. I

M Academy is also known for its goLive interactive sessions, which are videos that give learners the ability to switch to a live trading session. This session is integral as it gives learners the chance to put the skills acquired in the learning course into practice. The goLive session also offers students the opportunity to interact with their instructors. The session is a multi-time zone, multilingual, and is often provided to ascertain that learners access quality education and improve their skills to greater heights. On completing every module, you are issued with a quiz to test your understanding of every module. Refer to this page on LinkedIn, to learn more.

The following are academies modules offered by IM Academy: ECX Academy, FRX Academy, HFX Academy, and DCX Academy. The modules are meant to equip subscribers with vital skills in forex. The students who subscribe to Elite Academy are provided with a discount.


Additional information about them can be found on https://www.euromundoglobal.com/noticia/425733/ciencia-y-tecnologia/chris-terry-de-im-academy-une-a-emprendedores-exitosos-en-una-sesion-mastermind-para-estudiantes.html