• March 3, 2022

How Posigen is Transforming The World Through Solar Power

Led by Thomas Neyhart, the Posigen company is looking forward to bringing positive transformation to the energy and power sector. This is expected to be achieved through the implementation of solar power. Based on the company’s co-founders, they decided to come up with this because of accessibility to everyone. This is an integral move as all families, including low-income ones, will find it easier to invest in their homes. 


Most families adopting this new energy and power source are expected to heighten and grow a notch higher because of saving money on their utility bills. Just like any other company, Posigen firm has a mission and vision. It aspires to positively impact the community and the world as a whole through the use of solar power. Thomas Neyhart explains that before coming up with establishing this firm, its co-founders considered people of all caliber. The company’s four main goals are:


  • Positively impacting the families, they serve.
  • Ensuring they create job opportunities to help members of their community live a comfortable life, Thomas Neyhart assures.
  • Providing support to the less fortunate.
  • Ensuring that the environment becomes better.

The Posigen firm offers financial advice and support to its customers, especially families seeking help saving and bettering their homes. Diversity is a key factor that has contributed to the firm’s success. The managerial team advocates for working as a team with other community members. Diversity is one of their core values. As Thomas Neyhart informs, up to now, 65% of the company’s employees are of the female gender. The affordable source of energy provided by the company has managed to help improve the living standards of its people. Finally, solar energy is also environmentally friendly.