• December 7, 2021

Eric Lefkofsky: The Tempus Company

Artificial intelligence has become widely used in every aspect of living. The health sector has seemingly implemented the use of artificial intelligence in various aspects of medicine. Led by Eric Lefkofsky, one company that has harnessed and tapped into artificial intelligence is Tempus. The company focuses on providing health care solutions using AI. 

The company started with a vision of delivering curative solutions for various diseases ranging from life-threatening conditions like cancer to other diseases. The founder of the company Eric Lefkofsky has a history behind the great startup taking the healthcare system by storm. He found a mismatch whereby there was little to no data that doctors would use in the cancer treatment process. Healthcare expert and investor Eric Lefkofsky explains how the company aims to provide a platform whereby eligible patients can undergo a clinical trial. With the cases of mental disorders becoming a common occurrence, in the society Tempus delivers a solution. 

It does this by providing genetic information to psychiatrists concerning different patients so that they can make informed decisions while handling cases of mental illnesses among patients. Tempus’s growth and expansion are attributed to its strategic partnerships with clinical practitioners. The partnership has been crucial in facilitating the discovery, development, and delivery of optimized therapeutic options for patients. Tempus aims, as Eric Lefkofsky adds, to incorporate a lot of data and technology to help in the diagnosis of diseases. It is no cheap fit as it requires lots of finances to venture into this space of medicine.

With the help of investors, it has become successful. One aspect is that the company has diversified ranching from the initial cancer treatment to other diseases such as diabetes, mental illnesses, and infectious diseases that are now deadly. For Eric Lefkofsky, the disruptive technology is set to take the medicine frontier to another level by generating a lot of molecular data about a patient. Precision oncology is the way to go to treat cancer tumors, and it has proven successful.